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Shipping times can take upwards of 2 weeks in some cases. We apologize for this and understand its not the norm for internet sales. Our products are hand made one order and one swab at a time. Limited supply of our materials and the difficulty in manufacuturing a wide variance of colors presents a unique challenge that we embrace but are humbled by the time it consumes. Our business model was never based on mass production but this unorthodox approach allows us to provide unique values not offered by other companies such as ( full color customization of the swab sides, connectors, and personalized labels). If your not paitient enough to wait this amount of time we regret having to suggest you shop elsewhere. We always want happy BOMBSWAB owners but must keep true to what has made our product so popular even though we do not advertise at all, nor do we set up at events. That priciple of hand craftmanship and personal attention to detail. Anecdotally, BOMBSWABS makes very little if any profit in this business, but we celebrate our 10th year happy in the fact we've made a difference in Paintball and raised the bar of standard for a product once thought of as disposal. Trust us and the thousands of other BOMBSWABS owners when we say "It's worth the wait."



Some prices that include shipping are assuming the order is a domestic United States order.
If you are ordering from outside of the United States, your shipping charges may be different than quoted. You will be given your total with shipping a before your order is finalized And please dont worry we have made every effort to minimize the shipping cost as much as possible. We strongly oppose to making profits based on shipping costs unlike other websites that seem to survive off such revenues!



*** BOMBSWABS.COM Can not be responsible for packages damaged in shipment. We assert that all products shipped are intact and in perfect working order at the time given to our respective shipper. To minimize shipping costs, shipping insurance is not added to any  shipment by default. If you wish to insure your package from possible damage please contact us and we will be happy to add insurance to your shipment at the current insurance rates offered. This will increase the shipping cost of your order to a minimal degree. Thanks for your understanding.


Unfortunately we do not assert or imply that any of our products are indestructable. This means if you break your product in any manner  we can not offer a replacement simply becase it broke. Issues related to possible defective swabs (which are very rare due to our meticulous inspection standards) will be considered for assistance of which we will determine what if any will be offered after careful review of facts provided.  The approach we take would be analagous to a car manufacturer helping out with defects but certainly you cant expect assistance if say, you were in a car accident and wanted a replacement vehicle. We stand proud of our  reputation for making a very durable product that has many confirmed users whom have had their BOMBSWAB for several years with constant use and abuse. It is this reputation which has propelled our brand to the forefront of the high quality swabs catagory. An idea we pioneered and continue to  lead in the hearts and minds of paintball players around the globe.


The look,feel,texture,color tint,and all other variations to our product are a natural occurence and do not necessarily indicate a problem. Example: One side of your swab may seem to have a larger diameter of material compared to the opposite side. This is due to the fact that sheepskin is a naturally varrying product. This can at times also effect your swab's texture and color tint to some degree. We excersise every effort to make for a standard looking product from swab to swab and for the most part, we accomplish this to a very high accuracy. Sometimes though some slight varriations can not be helped. Please keep in mind every BOMBSWAB is hand made in the U.S.A. from products derived from nature. Most other hand made products also have slight and random varriances and also come with similar disclaimers regarding slight differences. This all being stated, if you for example, order a yellow swab, its not going to be Blue! And if you order a Blue swab its not going to be Red. Ect. :-)

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